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My name is Damiano Carrioli

I'm a Sr. Software Engineer at Visa Inc.

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Welcome to my website! I'm a dedicated machine learning professional currently working with Visa's B2B Connect, a non-card based platform for businesses where I am developing models for forecast and anomaly detection. I hold an M.S. in Computer Science from USC, where my focus was on AI and deep learning. I was also a D1 pole vault athlete at USC.

Damiano Carrioli


  • I have been working as a Sr. Software Engineer for Visa Inc. since September 2022.
  • www.visa.com/b2b-connect

  • During my M.S. I contributed to research in the FPGA/Parallel Computing Lab, led by Dr. Viktor K. Prasanna. We developed parallel algorithms to improve the performance of deep learning models on FPGAs and GPUs.
  • https://fpga.usc.edu/

  • In my free time, I like to experiment with various attention mechanisms and deep learning architectures.

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Damiano Carrioli